This case of arson plays out like something you would expect to see on Law And Order Episode. A 23-year old man is in Benton County Jail after allegedly starting two fires to destroy his neighbor's Richland home.

Abrahan Liberty Carias was taken into custody last Friday night. The Richland Police and Fire Department were first called to the home in the 1400 block of Short Avenue at about 7 pm. At that time, firefighters were able to douse the flames. No one was at the home at the time. Plywood was used to secure the home.

A few hours later, Richland Police were called to the same home for a report of an assault. Carias was detained for allegedly assaulting his neighbor, the resident of the house that was on fire earlier.

Furthermore, during this incident, Police saw smoke billowing from the home a second time and the Richland Fire Department was called back.

As Carias was being treated by medics, he allegedly admitted to starting the fires.


After inspection the next day, investigators found matches outside of a window of the home, and also matches were found on top of insulation that had been ripped out of the ceiling. The matches and the ripped out insulation were NOT present in the first fire. On top of two-feet deep insulation, investigators found a trail of lit and unlit matches all throughout the house, which was ruled a "complete loss."

Carias was booked at the Benton County Jail for Arson and Assault.

You can read more from our news partners at KEPR here.

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