Tuesday morning, Richland police were requested to serve an eviction notice at the Riverpointe Apartments on Duportail when they retreated due to what sounded like a gunshot or shots.

Police officials say the request came in around 11am, and around 11:20am several officers arrived to serve the notice. Usually, it's County Deputies who perform those tasks, it's not known why  police officers did so today.

As the officers approached and attempted to make contact with whomever was inside, they heard clearly what sounded like a gun shot or gunshots, and quickly retreated to cover.  Attempts to make contact with whomever is inside have not been successful, according to a police update.  It's considered a full SWAT deployment as of 11:30AM Tuesday.

Police officials say in no way was there any indication gunfire was directed at them, they did not have any evidence, but clearly heard corroborated evidence of a gun shot or shots.

The complex is on Duportail and Riverstone Drive, neither police nor apartment officials have released any name or names of the persons who were the subject of the eviction notice.

Speaking with KAPP-KVEW TV, a Richland police Spokesman, Chris Lee, was asked if the person or persons inside were known to be alive, and he said they have no information.

Additional details will be released as they become available.

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