A Richland resident was gifted a new air conditioner thanks to the community.

It's always great when we can showcase some awesomeness going on in our neighborhoods.

Richland Police would like to recognize the generosity of the Richland Police Department Foundation.

2020 has thrown one roadblock after another into our lives.  It was just a few weeks ago, that we were dealing with triple-digit temperatures.  Can you imagine NOT having air conditioning?  Well...the organization was contacted by a concerned neighbor of a Richland resident who was living without air conditioning.

The Richland Police Department Foundation was able to use some money from the Community Care Fund to purchase the resident a new unit for the window of the home.


The group supports the police department with funding for emergency assistance and community care.

We do this by raising funds and volunteering for Community Care and Professional Development For Law Enforcement Officers. The funds we raise directly improves public safety and impacts officer readiness.

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