A friend invited me to Krav Maga Tri-Cities Last night, and I have to say...it was very interesting! I guess it is what the Israeli Military teach and now is the preferred system for U.S. Military and law enforcement!

I think it's good for everyone to know how to protect themselves should they ever need to!

I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't take the class, just went to observe and take videos.

The instructor Greg DeRoos appears to be VERY good at what he does! And the people there seem to be serious about learning.

I could tell it could be a great workout, as well as provide you with some tools to help protect yourself against anyone wishing to do you physical harm.

I was impressed at the fact that in just a few short minutes, you could walk away knowing something that very well could save your life someday!

I was also thinking.." I sure hope the bad guys aren't taking lessons from him too!"

Bad guys usually have guns, or know how to take a person down. I guess we all should really know this stuff to equal the playing field should we ever have a circumstance like that.

So..I'm debating. I may take the class. I always wished I could Kick some ---! If I needed to!

Here's a video of some of it!