Speaking Wednesday at Columbia Basin College, Senator Patty Murray talked about her new legislation that would provide 'free' community college education.

Called the "Into The Red" Act, she already has about 27 Democratic legislators in Washington D.C. who support her idea.

It would, through a variety of steps, eliminate tuition at CBC and other junior college for the associate, or basic, junior college degree. One of the steps she discussed for how to pay for this is to close what she called tax loopholes, and eliminate many write-offs that corporations are allowed now.

The bill would also allow those with student loans to refinance at a lower rate. Sounding very much like Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Murray's plan would also increase the amount the federal government provides for tuition.

Her bill would essentially make the first two years of junior college free. Murray said she doesn't have any GOP support for the bill at this time.


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