When did THIS happen?

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In my normal drive down George Washington Way in Richland, I had to turn around a snap a few photos. Shari's Restaurant has been closed for some time now. I just assumed a new restaurant or business would move in. I was shocked to see a pile of rubble today.


The business at 1745 George Washington Way closed its doors in 2021. I was a fan of their pies. And, they had wonderful Thanksgiving plates. I was secretly wishing another local restaurant would move in and take over. We need another local restaurant, in my opinion. I get it though. The Pandemic has done a number on businesses in Tri-Cities.

What's next for the address?

I can't be the only one who wants to know. Before we knew the building was going to be demolished, we asked what would be appropriate alternatives for the empty restaurant building. Who knows? Is another business planning to pop up? I haven't heard. I will ask around, though.

Shari's Restaurant remains open in Kennewick.

Fans of Shari's Restaurant no doubt, have continued to get their pie fixes at the Columbia Center Boulevard location. Shari's has locations all throughout the PNW, including Hermiston, Moses Lake, Walla Walla, Union Gap, and Yakima.

Founded in 1978, Shari's is the largest family-style brand in the Pacific Northwest. We’re famous for our fresh Northwest comfort food, welcoming service, and grand selection of award-winning pies!

I can't wait to see what happens next at 1745 George Washington Way in Richland! Can you?

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