Not sure what they are, but THEY ARE UGLY! A neighbor of mine has them all over her porch. And, she's not the only one. And, no, they are not presents left by a dog or cat. My first thought was slugs.

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Denise inquired on social media. I can relate, as there are visitors on our property that appear to be slugs or snails. I leave them alone and hope that they'll eventually find their way. They hang out on a wall of the house near the bird feeder. Is there a connection?

Does anyone know what these little guys are? They are all by our front door.

Credit: Denise Sams-Nextdoor App
Credit: Denise Sams-Nextdoor App

It seems a lot of us have them. However, none of us know what they are or what to do. However, James and Jackie and another replied in the post that they may be armyworms. They said the our area, at one time was so infested that people were sliding off the road. Yuck!

Never heard of armyworms till now. Thank goodness for Google. Here's how to find out if your yard has armyworms.

If they are indeed armyworms you may want to take care of them sooner than later.

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