As I  was checking out Facebook I came across the following post on the Richland Residents page:

Does anyone recognize this little man! I used to get visited by him and a female sibling (?), but only he comes now. He let's me pick him up so he's not so feral. His ears are intact so he's not fixed (by TNR). Anyone interested in giving him a forever home?

As I read on, I saw that this kitty makes his rounds in the neighborhood. And, I found out that the hearts of Richland residents are HUGE. It's done me good to read below.

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attachment-kitty 1

Going on further, I saw that my neighbors really care about this cat.

attachment-Kitty 2
attachment-peaches (1)

This is Peaches. She is scared of everything! If she was on the streets, I think she'd be a wreck. Who knows?

attachment-Kitty 33

Koko Kitty is an escape artist. She gets out of EVERYTHING. No Joke! When I am arriving home or leaving my residence, I have to be careful, as Koko is right on my heels attempting to leave with me. I'm not sure why she wants to leave the comfort of home.

In any case, the above story does have a happy conclusion. The cat's name is Kakashi and he's since been reunited with his owners. No word on if they plan to have him neutered, We'll keep you posted.

It was such a joy to see the community work together to get this sweet boy back to his family.

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