A young boy was taken to the hospital after being struck in a crosswalk Friday morning in Kennewick.

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The accident happened at the intersection of West 4th Avenue and S Edison Street in  Kennewick

According to a statement from the Kennewick Police Department:

The reporting parties advised a juvenile had been struck by a vehicle while walking to school. Kennewick Police Department and Kennewick Fire Department
arrived on the scene and rendered aid to the juvenile. The preliminary investigation indicates that the child was using the crosswalk at the intersection and the involved vehicle was making a left-hand turn. The driver of the vehicle did not see the child, striking him while he was crossing the street. The child was transported via ambulance to the hospital where they were admitted for non-life-threatening injuries. The parent of the child was notified and met the child at the hospital.

Kennewick Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Kennewick Police Department at 509-628-0333. And anonymous tips are welcome online at www.kpdtips.com.

Read more about the incident from the Kennewick Police Department Facebook Page below.

The Kennewick Police Department recently posted about why it's important to go SLOW in school zones.

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Please be extra cautious when encountering school zones. I can't imagine how that driver is feeling. We hope the young student will be ok.

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