Gift Ideas?
Having a hard time thinking of gifts for Christmas this year? I found a site to help with ideas:
Guys Don’t Do This For V-Day
The Bronx Zoo is selling Madagascar hissing cockroaches for Valentine's Day. For $10, you can name one roach or for $25, you can have a cockroach couple named after you and your partner.
5 Useful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
Dad is going to love you no matter what you get him, but seriously, he really doesn't need another tie. This year, get him something he might actually use, like one of these five ideas for Father's Day gifts that can do a heck of a lot more than a "World's Best Dad&…
10 Awesome TV Remote Controls for Father’s Day
Is there any home accessory more fought-over than the remote control? TV-loving dads have long had to establish that they are masters of their domain by commandeering the clicker from the kids.
But why should fathers settle for a remote that just changes the channels when they can have one that also …

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