What a trip this weight loss journey has been. If I flash back to last Halloween I was on a three-day-a-week workout plan and the motivation behind it? A Wonder Woman costume ...

photo by Sarah J

That's me and the hubs at a family Halloween party last year. Having a goal and a date set to fit into my costume for sure kept me on point. I was feeling fantastic, probably weighing in at around 172 with tons of energy.

Townsquare Media/John Taylor

I also believe the moment this costume was retired I quit going to the gym consistently :)

Hey, life gets ya sometimes so you have to roll with the ups and downs.

Since then I have taken up drinking tea over coffee, so recently that I am only about a week and a half in, but I will say I've lost weight.

Last week I was at 186, and honestly I didn't even write about it. Subconsciously I wasn't very impressed as I had started ticking up again, but I was also one week out from coming back from vacation. I should have been at my heaviest after a successful one right? :)

This morning I stepped on the scale and was super pleased to see I am back down to 184. I enjoyed a bit of homemade pumpkin pie last night. The night before I ate some pizza and drank a touch of soda, but the main difference has been the tea, I believe. That and honestly continuing to consciously enjoy my food and also working on keeping it positive even when I overeat.

We are constantly needing to retrain our brains to be more positive, and I am always picking up on weird eating habits or thoughts I come across.

Cereal is a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Full stop. :)

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Love yourself at any size and having support is 100% a real thing, so if you're searching for a free and private group, I've got you. Find me on Facebook @sarahjthedj and under groups you'll find Get It Right! Get It Tight! :) If you ask nicely I will add you on to the winners of a week's worth of meals as well.

Have a great week and remember: You are smart, you are kind and gosh darn it, people (i.e me) like you :)