The thing about making this list means I'll probably make some people angry. However, if they read the full list I can promise some good reasons why you'd never wanna live in these cities.

Washington is beyond beautiful, I'd go as far beyond to even say breathtaking. Even within beauty, there is some ugly. So let's get right down to the list and see if you agree or hate me.

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5.) Auburn

This one almost hurt to list, I grew up in Auburn and spent a good amount of my life in that city, but as things progressed more went downhill. Where it's still nice to visit and catch up with a few friends the reality is the city needs a lot of work before it's worth the rent or mortgage you're paying in that town.

4.) Spokane

Hear me out, I'm not gonna go with the low blows that everyone else uses. In my honest opinion, I can see the desire to live there, however, it seems pretty suffocating, almost with a Seattle feel to it. Fun to visit but not really somewhere I'd wanna live. Granted I don't think they would want me.

3.) Renton

It's true the city is continuing to grow and more positivity is coming from the city after years of issues with criminals and drugs. The city is finally starting to grow its legs like the others around it. But like an ex-girlfriend you're still curious about, it's better to let them grow from afar.

2.) Kent

Even on the west side, there's a weird stigma around Kent, It's nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be, however it does have problems. Growing is something this city has tried to do for 20 years, but with every change comes more stagnant energy where things don't seem to move. It's a great city to go shopping, catch a T birds game or go to a movie, but the price of rent or a mortgage sadly doesn't seem worth what you'll be dealing with.

1.) Seattle 

Let's be honest, Seattle is beautiful, strong, filled with people, and booming business. However, the only way it's worth it to live in this city is if you work there. The rent is ridiculous, affordable homes are a dream, traffic is beyond a nightmare and the people...well let's say the Seattle freeze is a very real thing. The homeless crisis seems to be avoided more than it is addressed. One of the most common jokes made by Seattlites is, "Go home, we're full." Sadly in 2022, it's not much of a joke and more of a fact.

Was I a little too harsh or did it seem pretty fair and accurate? I'll be checking back here, just use the Bull app to let me know.

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