The official start of summer is Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022, the schools are out and the weather is gorgeous. Are you searching for a day trip around Washington State?

If you're passing through Wapato, according to GasBuddy you'll pay the least to fuel up for your adventure. It's not a bad idea to swing by the fruit stands in the area for snack purposes

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Where Will You Go First?

Boulder Cave - Leeanna D.

Boulder Cave Trail #962 is a 1.5 mile round trip trail with approximately 400 feet of elevation gain beginning at the parking lot of the day use picnic area.  It climbs gradually to a trail loop going to the Cave entrance.  The trail meanders through a 330 foot basalt rock cave with Devil Creek flowing alongside.

Open 10 am - 4:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You'll need a valid recreation pass for $5 that's required for the Boulder Cave Picnic site.

Driving the Columbia River

I love driving out through Moxee to the Columbia River. From there I go north, through Ellensburg, and take the canyon to Selah. I then jump on 12 and loop through Rimrock Lake and come back. I live out in Tampico, so it makes for a full day! Great scenic drive/ride with good roads. - J.D C

Clearlake - Jack M

Rimrock Lake for fishing - Noe W

Up Chinook pass, stop at Tipsoo Lake for a stretch and snack then down 123 to White Pass. Over to Packwood Brewery for a beer, then home through White Pass. Stop at the Palisades too. Cures the mountains calling when I'm unable hike. - Nicole D


Rainier, Helens, Ape Caves, Beacon Rock, Hood River, Silver Beach at Rim Rock, Snoqualmie, Mt. Si, Multnomah Falls…. So many… all within 2-2 1/2 hour drive - Donna Marie F


A few months ago I took a trip to the Columbia River Gorge and Maryhill Museum... loved it! There’s a cute winery called the Sunshine Mill in the Dalles as well. - Kellie M


The last day trip was playing Pokemon Go at the Granger Dino park and getting pictures with all the dinos. - Nicole D

Oregon - Peach

Palouse Falls - Kerrie L.R.

Whistlin’ Jacks for trout breakfast and driving up to Rainer, Tipsoo Lake, Boulder Cave, stopping and hanging by the river… it’s a good full day of adventure. If you’re out West valley/Tampico I’d go drive up to Eagle’s Nest,  the view is always worth it. Fort Simcoe is always a good history day and walking around, sometimes I’ll Google map old cemeteries too… Rimrock… wine tasting in the valley (start in naches continue through Yakima etc) Ellensburg is always fun to walk around… - Emma R

A bag of Oregon Blues and a river bank with a fishing pole - Don D.

Iron Creek Falls - Alicia J.

Cayusse Pass - John Z

Mount Rainier - Avilyn D.

Mt Rainier National Park up and back a good full day into just evening or the little naches up Chinook pass not far maybe 45 up theres even a waterfall a half mile or so once you turn off Chinook pass on to little naches rd. its beautifull also has a fish latter and awsome river fronts great for the whole family - Lorrie F


Ft. Simcro state Park, Tampico, rim rock, Packwood, little naches, Boulder Cave, Beacon Rock, Bonneville damn, drive thru zoo (Schrenier farms) on hiway 14, & horse thief park. - Rachel B.

Dog Lake - Serg Anthony G.

410 to 123 to 12 is a great drive - Richard R.

The Canyon to Cle Elum on back roads - Denny H.

Bumping Lake - Jamie M.D.

Chinook Pass - Les B.

Columbia River at the bottom of Goldendale - Les B.

St. John's Greek Bakery in Goldendale - Les B

Bumping Lake for swimming/picnics and Silver Falls/Ohanapecosh/Grove of the Patriarchs for light day hiking - Emily R.


Rimrock and anything north of it. Beautiful scenery and lots of foraging opportunities. My partner and I found a ton of morels up around the Boulder cave area. - Alecksander D.

Bear Lake - Ed G.

20 minutes in any direction is awesome scenery why I moved to this state 20 plus years ago .. great scenic road trips and awesome landscapes. Sadly fires and drought has somewhat curtailed that experience, but still some awesome places to drive, I love the drive through the canyon between selah and Ellensburg. - Scott C.


Rimrock and Clear Lake, Packwood, driving the canyon road to Ellensburg. Or toward the west side, there is Snoqualmie falls, north bend shopping, a nature reserve in Issaquah, and the zoo in Tacoma. I like to just get in the car and see where we end up.  - Crystal M.

Canyon road to Ellensburg to Blewett Pass to Leavenworth - Heather M.

Hood River - Francis R.

N fork of the Ahtanum. Beautiful creek, the old mission, peaceful. - Bruce B.
Chinook Pass up to Ranier - Theresa N Todd H.
Take an excursion to Trolley Station Park in Selah, Washington on our Yakima Valley Trolleys #1976 on weekend and upcoming 4th of July. Visit: or CALL: 509.249.5962 - TODAY! - Randall Y.
Gold Creek - Eric L.
Sportsman's park by keys road really well taken care of and a small little hike is great if you have kids. Plus never see homeless people there. Also, I am tired of seeing people not picking up bathroom waste they just leave their feces out in the open and tp on a lot of hiking trails here in Yakima its so gross and scary about what is in those feces hep a or something IDK but I only go there to Sportsmen Park now.
 Lake Cle Elum and the Coal Mines trail from Cle Elum to Roslyn - Taylor M
Mount Saint Helens is beautiful this time of year - Ana G.
410, lots of greenery, elk, deer, and Mt.Rainier just over the summit - Brain B.
Mt Rainier, white pass, chinook pass, clear lake Rimrock. anywhere around Columbia river McNarry Dam, The Dalles love watching the salmon, Highway 142 between Goldendale And the Dalles is a nice drive - Jeffery P.
Umptanum Falls hike - Dion G.
Cheesemongers in Leavenworth - Noel M.
Maryhill Museum - Janelle A.
Ohanapacosh - Barbara W.
Roslyn, taking the Thorp Highway to Leavenworth, Randle (to go to the Huff N Puff diner), Hood River. - A'nna J.
T-Mobile Park for Mariners game (went there yesterday!) - Todd L.
Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway - and stop off at St John’s Bakery on the way there or back! - Michelle Parker B.
Wenatchee for Apple Annie's Antique Mall & Godfather's Pizza! - Tim H.
Puyallup to my favorite British cafe/shop, then Auburn to this Russian grocery store, and Renton on the way back to an Asian grocery store. - John R.
During the Summer, the water park in Moses Lake - Lyndsey M.
Vantage - Maricela L.

Washington State Adventures


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