The first day of fall is officially here. Leaves are beginning to change colors and you can smell a difference in the air.

Fall comes with all kinds of awesome things. Football, longer cuddles, dare I mention pumpkin spice and candles.

One of these days I will own a very fancy fireplace but until that time comes, candles are where I am at. Low and behold the first day of Fall has been honored with the most creative collection I have seen yet and it's tied to Seattle.

The shop is called I Heart Pop Candles and here is where it gets super fun

If you are more of a fan of Meredith there is one available

“Smells like a dark and twisty, Harper Avery winning, chief of general surgery, who was married on a post-it-note,” reads the label.

I'd like to think that the above candles will provide you with your own Mcdreamy moments but if that is not the case, at least I give you this video of ferryboat moments.

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