If you have a child in the Yakima School District you have probably received the e-mail notifications but just in case. The month of February the Yakima School District has set-up free 30 LB Combo Food Boxes to be picked-up at two different locations every Wednesday from 4 pm - 6:30 pm for families with children ages 1-18. One food box per vehicle until supplies run out.


The 30 LB free box will include an assortment of milk, hard and soft cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables for your family.

Salvation Army food box
Lisa Sargent

You can choose either Eisenhower High School, Davis High School for your pick-up and to make things as smooth as possible, bring your child's Yakima School District ID. If your child is not from the Yakima School District, they must be in the car with you. Please be patient and understand there is no possible way to predict how many people will take advantage so having your trunk cleared will make it easier for volunteers to drop your supplies in there for a no-contact pick-up and the line will move along as fast as possible.

If this is your first time going through a pick-up for food it's always a good idea to try and arrive early but whatever time you do go, expect a wait. The reason why these things take time is because people will show-up with no ID and no children or want to grab an extra box for a friend or neighbor. Please be respectful and know there are a lot of different options for food distribution with different days and times around the Yakima Valley.

Gotta give a giant shout-out to everyone who has been able put these boxes together. The USDA, Cascadia, Columbia Fresh and all the students and faculty

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