One of Tri-Cities Food Trucks has left the scene.

Have to admit, this post makes me sad. Impastables-Fresh Pasta Food Truck is no more. It was just two years ago, that Impastables came on the food truck scene in Kennewick. The truck was open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am till 6:30 pm at 7425 West Clearwater Avenue.

Do what you love and don't settle for anything less, life is too short.

Impastables served a variety of dishes.


From lobster and shrimp hand made ravioli to traditional spaghetti, you could satisfy your pasta craving. And follow up your pasta with a delicious dessert.

Many pasta fans are sad and left messages of hope and well wishes for the next venture.

In a Facebook post:

This leaves a vacancy at the food truck row.

There are a few food trucks that remain in front of Bella's Furniture on West Clearwater Avenue. What kind of food truck would you like to see added? Feel free to respond on our mobile app.

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