Umatilla, Oregon, has passed an anti-panhandling resolution that should solve the city's problem. Here's why it won't work in Richland:

Remember that a city can't outlaw panhandling outright because holding signs and asking for money is constitutionally-protected free speech.

That's perfect (for them). People can't hold money out their windows and panhandlers can't run into the road to collect the bills. Instead of impeding free speech, this prohibits dangerous activity.

But in Richland, the panhandlers aren't in the road. They're in parking lot driveways to the road. They are not a traffic at all. They hang out where cars drive OUT from WinCo or McDonald's. Except for distracting drivers (not sure if that's grounds for a law), they aren't doing anything to impede traffic.

Hmmm... what can be done?