Grab the Kids and Head to Valley Mall

You now are entering the construction zone! Beep! Beep! Beep! There might not be dirt involved but possibly some hard hats for this week's Kids Club at Valley Mall!

It's a construction-themed Kids Club powered by Central Washington Home Builders Association and I have to tell you the little ones are buzzing about what could be in those bags!

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If this is your first time hearing about Kids Club at Valley Mall, it's a weekly FREE themed event that begins at 11 am and wraps up at 1 pm or until supplies last. Meet us at Center Court under the rainbow arch to pick up a bag of goodies themed for each week. The bags are reusable, unique, and contain projects and fun treats good for ages 3 - 11 or anyone young at heart. You can bring the Grandkids or your summer club crew and make sure to spread the word because it's for sure a party!

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Also located at Center Court is the selfie wall to capture an awesome memory and also tables will be set up to spread out your crafts, draw some pictures and cool off in a delicious air-conditioned building.

107.3 KFFM's Sarah J will be broadcasting live and will have some swag as well, make sure to say, "Sarah J hook me up! and while supplies last, we got you!

Upcoming Kids Club Dates

July 21 – Construction - In partnership with Central Washington Home Builders Association
July 28 – Luau
August 4 – Carnival
August 11 – Sports

Kids Club

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