The ‘Jersey Shore’ gang is breaking up.

Multiple sources report that original cast member Vinny Guadognino has left the famed Jersey Shore house for good after an argument with an unnamed cast member.

The cast had just returned from Italy, where they shot season four, which premieres August 4.

According to insiders, during taping Guadognino was heard threatening to quit and admitting  that he felt “burned out” and “homesick.”

He was convinced to stay on for a few more days, but apparently things came to a head.   Guadognino removed all of his belongs from the beach house in the middle of the night Friday and decamped to his family’s home in Staten Island, New York. reports that Guadognino is unlikely to return.

Vinny was the youngest of the ‘Jersey Shore” cast members.  By voluntarily leaving the land of fist pumps and fake tans many will conclude he is also the most well-grounded.

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