It's official. WA motorists are paying the highest price for gas.

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Washingtonians are paying more at the pump for a gallon of gas. Today's average is $4.93. In Tri-Cities, it's about $4.79.


While the state of California typically holds the honor of paying insanely high prices for gasoline, Washington has taken over. The average cost of regular gas has jumped to $4.93 a gallon. It should be noted that depending on where you are, some Washington motorist are paying well over $5 for a gallon of fuel.


In King County, it's been documented by AAA that drivers are paying an average of $5.09 for a much needed gallon. In Skamania County, it's currently at $5.32 a gallon.

Nationally, the average price for a gallon of gas is currently at $3.58, still down from last year at this point. Last year, the national average was $5.02 a gallon.

According to GasBuddy's Patrick De Haan:

“While gasoline demand continues to inch up, we could see additional pressure on pump prices, while the price of diesel continues to see downward movement. While the uncertainty over the direction of the economy is a major player in preventing oil’s rise, inventories of oil and gasoline do remain tight, preventing much additional downward movement as well. We’ll have to see which of those factors emerges as a winner to predict when the next large movement in prices could be. We’re also seeing more tropical activity in the Atlantic that could pose challenges in the weeks ahead as hurricane season ramps up.”

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