What Is The History Of The Cheese Zombie Sandwich In Washington State?

As school gets back in session, a lot of kids in the Yakima Valley will enjoy going to lunch and snapping up a few cheese zombies...if you have never heard of a cheese zombie before, hold on, you're in for a treat!

faceboook/vieras bakery
faceboook/vieras bakery

Where Can I Find Cheese Zombies In Washington State?

Cheese Zombies have become a childhood favorite for a lot of kids who grew up in Yakima and are still today fondly remembered. A few years back, I got a chance to have a cheese zombie in Sunnyside at a school lunch and I will concede, it was pretty tasty.

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I'm sure some people don't want to be loitering around a school so what if you are full grown and want to try a cheese zombie for yourself?

facebook/mickey's cheese zombies
facebook/mickey's cheese zombies

Luckily, there are 4 places in the Yakima Valley where you can get your cheese zombie fix and be instantly transported back to your childhood.

Here are four places for cheese zombies you can check out right now:

4 Places in Washington State That Serves Up Yummy Cheese Zombies

You'll find your school lunchroom favorite Cheese Zombies still served at these four restaurants in the Yakima Valley.

The Cheese Zombie originated in the late 1950s when the schools had an abundance of Government cheese and the smart-thinking lunch staff came up with the sandwich.

One of the reasons for its success is the dough, said to be more like pizza dough than bread dough.

No matter how they are made, they are pretty tasty and still served in the Yakima Valley today, and still provide fond memories for anyone who grew up in the Yakima Valley.

Lastly, if you can't find your cheese zombies at the top 4 places, you can always wait until cheese zombie day at your local school district and say "I'm here for the zombies!"

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