What's The Most Dangerous Road In Washington State?

One of Washington State's most dangerous roads is also one of Washington State's oldest roads. It might surprise you to find out why this road is so dangerous.


Washington State's Most Dangerous Highway Will Surprise You

According to the website washingtoninjury.com, State Highway 2 is Washington State's most dangerous highway based on statistics from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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PRNewswire.com broke down the ranking as follows:

This is based on a "danger score" that takes into account total accidents, serious injuries, and deaths. First, the researchers determined the number of accidents that occurred on the road.

Next, they assigned a weight of five to each crash involving a serious injury and a weight of 20 to crashes involving a fatality. They then calculated the danger score using this formula:

Total Collisions + (Number of Serious Injuries x 5) + (Number of Fatalities x 20)


Here are a few reasons why Highway 2 is considered dangerous:

Highway 2 starts at its intersection with Interstate 5 in Everett, which is a city located about 25 miles north of Seattle. It then heads eastward, crossing the Cascade Range through Stevens Pass, and continues through various towns and landscapes before reaching the Idaho border. It's one of the longest and windiest highways in Washington State.

Stevens Pass is one of the most iconic and challenging parts of Highway 2. It's a mountain pass that goes through the Cascades, known for heavy snowfall during the winter months.

So if you are traveling through Washington State, just be aware that Highway 2 can be a little tricky if you are not familiar with the highway. You can read more about Washington State's most dangerous highways here.

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