I'm glad to have re-located to the Tri-Cities.  We have pretty mild winters here, generally.  And, I was excited to re-join my local gym.  But wait.  We're only in modified phase 1.  In order for indoor gyms and swimming pools to re-open, we must be in phase 3.  With the current situation, COVID numbers are rising.  Masks are mandatory.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the closure of indoor businesses across the state.  These businesses include restaurants, bars, wineries, movie theaters, zoos and museums.  Will other states follow suit?

What is going to happen?  Will we ever make it to phase 3?  I believe it's going to take some time.  I have a treadmill.  I have a bike.  Where is my helmet?  Bike paths and hiking trails are everywhere in the Tri-Cities.  I've seen outdoor yoga classes offered on Facebook.

And, what about gym employees?  Two large local health clubs have had to lay off approximately 400 employees.

For some, swimming is their only exercise option.  Personally, I enjoy swimming.  I will not swim in the river.  I will wait for our health clubs and gyms to re-open.  I enjoy the occasional spinning session.  For now, I'll find my helmet, and I'll bike along the river.  Maybe, I'll pull out the treadmill.  It's been stored way too long.  Or, maybe I'll tackle the much-referred to Candy Mountain or Badger Mountain.  I have to start somewhere.  Maybe tomorrow.

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