I spotted a story this morning out of Tukwila Washington and I thought to myself WTF? Here the story as reported by KIRO  a man lost control of his car in the wee hours of the morning while watching/following an owl....For REAL

Photo Credit Fuse)
Photo Credit Fuse)

Yes that's right an owl. Now I know Owl's have excellent night vision, but this guy not so much. His car careened off the road, flew into the air and smashed through a fence and finally knocking down some power line,which nearly his a home. WOW now that's what I call EXTREME bird watching. I wonder what the police were thinking when they arrived on the scene? BTW the driver was not intoxicated!

This makes me want to go watch the movie 'The Big Year' with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Own Wilson. Here's the KIRO news report...WEIRD WASHINGTON

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