Have you heard? Mother Nature has brewed another storm in the PNW.

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A Winter Storm Warning is in effect until 4 am Tuesday.

Winds could gust at over 45 mph at times and motorists should plan for dangerous conditions.

Motorists should be prepared for hazardous roads. Blowing and drifting snow  is likely.

It wasn't long ago that wicked winds were in the forecast. This isn't new for us. Although, it is  getting old.

However, some winter enthusiasts will LOVE the new snow fall.


If you're a lover of snow, you may be interested in a winter hike. Or, you may want to book a romantic rendezvous in a remote area. The possibilities are endless when it comes to getaways for snow-lovers. There's never been a better time than NOW to reserve a cozy cabin retreat in Oregon.

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