Every Friday night since about the end of the month of May, my girlfriends and I have a Zoom Girls Night Out.

We talk about everything that happened in our lives for the week and bond with each other over shared grievances and traumatic life experiences. Our friend Tiara started this Zoom group right after the tragic murder of George Floyd. She wanted to gather a group of women who understood the pain this caused in the Black community and who needed to reach out to a sisterhood to talk about coping mechanisms. Our group started off small with about five ladies and now our group has blossomed to about ten.

This week because of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we decided to have a trivia night. Our categories included "Celebrity Baby Photos", "Bust A Move", and "Which Lady Done Did It", which was a category where we had to send over a fun fact about ourselves and then guess which one of us "done did it". One of the ladies said she had a fear of turtles, another said she has played the violin since she was 11 years old, someone said she loves painting and cooking, and I said that I got in trouble for recording inappropriate noises on a tape recorder when I was 9 years old. HA!

If you want to do something cool like this with your family or friends, it is SO much fun to do! Participants can bring their own snacks and drinks to make it more enjoyable or even wear some fun costumes.

Each person might need two electronic devices per person so that you can have the Zoom on one screen and the trivia website on the other. Or you can do a split screen on your laptop or tablet so that you can see both. The website will tally up the scores for you and show the leaderboard at the end of each round. Tiara read us the questions and played old school music in the background for us while we typed in our answers, and her husband Steve managed the website for us.

Go to CrowdPurr to get your free version of this cool and interactive trivia game so that you and your friends and family can have a lot of fun even if you have to be apart from each other this holiday season!

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