While Benton & Franklin counties have moved into the 1.5 phase of re-opening, allowing restaurants to operate with outdoor seats, I must admit, I've become a fan of my home grill.

Now, with the mask-mandate, I do find it somewhat of an inconvenience.  I do NOT like wearing a mask.  I wear a mask because I believe it's being responsible.  I keep a supply of masks in my vehicle.  I carry one in my purse.

I DO enjoy dining at restaurants.  However, TODAY, I will skip going to the market, and pass on the carryout.  I will go home to the Patti-patio to barbecue.  I don't have to sport a mask in my house or in my yard. The only question I have is WHAT to prepare on the grill.

My husband and I have enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, brats, and even steak.  We've prepared corn and cabobs.  Our gas grill has a side burner for cooking baked beans or other dishes.  We've moved on from the standby charcoal grill.  (Although, our mini Weber model does reside in the shed.)

We've sharpened our culinary skills, going so far as to search online for varied recipes of preparing the simple hamburger, how to dress up bratwurst, and what pairs nicely with the standby hotdog.

If you have a favorite barbecue or grilling recipe you'd like to share, I'd love to try it.  Please, pass it along.

And, which do you prefer...old school charcoal (Is it worth the wait?) or, the efficient gas grill?  Let us know on our app.

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