It's a gorgeous 1932 Ford and it's been stolen. Benton County Sheriff's Deputies are on the hunt and they are warning the thief or thieves that they'll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It would be hard not to see this classic car rolling around the streets of the Tri-Cities and if you do, contact the Benton County Sheriff's Department

credit: Benton County Sheriff's Department
It's a beautiful blue 1932 roadster that's missing and here is the report filed by the Benton County Sheriff's Department:
Deputies are investigating a stolen vehicle case. We have identified a suspect but are still looking to locate the vehicle. The vehicle is very unique and highly identifiable.
This vehicle has been listed as stolen through our office and Department of Licensing.
If you are in possession of this vehicle you can be charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. If you do have possession and choose to transfer it to someone else you can be charged with Trafficking in Stolen Property.
If you know where this vehicle is, or have possession of this vehicle, please call dispatch at 509-628-0333 so we can return the vehicle to the owner.
If you see this roadster on the road or parked somewhere, contact the Benton County Sheriff's Department.
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