Alexa Vega -- the cute little girl from the "Spy Kids" movies --is all grown up. Her married name is now PenaVega and she's a busy woman! We caught up with her Monday to talk about "The Remaining," her new movie that is both a Christian film, and horror!
The Christian part isn't surprising. Adult Alexa's career has been driven largely by her faith. But horror?

The plot of "The Remaining" is a wedding day (Alexa's character's wedding day) that goes horribly wrong. First people believe it's a natural disaster, then they realize it's the end of the world and "The Rapture" -- only Vega's character, her groom, and their friends remain! Next the demons come and the cluster is faced with a fate worse than death. Watch the trailer to see what I mean and watch the interview for more details and a little gossip about Antonio Banderas and Alexa's next two projects (a part on the hit TV show "Nashville," a part in "Sin City 2" and a football film called "23 Blast" out in October).