We love our coffee don’t we?

National Coffee Day is coming up on Tuesday.  And a new study ranked the best places in country for the best place for coffee. Congrats Washington! You are at the top of the list. Top coffee cities include Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. So, we go this coffee thing on lock.

The rankings are based on factors including coffee prices, drinkers (or since its caffeine maybe the word should be “users”), shops per capita and their average ratings on Yelp.

We know coffee here well in Yakima. You can’t be at a stoplight and not see a coffee house, hut or business. It’s actually surprising that we are so chill in Yakima with all the caffeine coursing through our veins.

Our region is saturated in coffee and the bean business. Dutch Brothers headquarters ia based in Oregon. So is the Human Bean head office.

I am very familiar with “San Francisco” coffee. It’s pretty good. They mostly lean towards the espresso side of the Bean. Just avoid those “San Francisco Coffee” Beans in bulk at Costco. They are not truly representative of the San Francisco coffee experience. Not near as enjoyable as Yakima's Java Heaven, C&S Coffee, Cruisin’, Crave and many others in town.

Townsquare Media / John Taylor / Cruisin' Coffee and some guy in a van

We’ll remind ya on Tuesday to celebrate National Coffee Day. Whether it’s a Cold Brew, Americano, Decaf (which is what I drink. I know, it’s just coffee flavored water), Mocha, Breve, iced or hot. Get ready to celebrate the bean at your favorite Yakima Coffee place.

Getty Images / I still can't do that heart leaf coffee thing.
Fox / I dont know the above to be true first hand

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