Mythical creatures have been spotted all over Washington state, the most famous one is obviously Bigfoot, but this list will take a deeper dive into the supernatural. People have claimed to have come face to face with these beings and lived to tell the tale.

Like always take this with a grain of salt, some could be real and some could be really fake. However, we're not here to judge, just to look at the list and see if you've had a run-in with any of these creatures.

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5. The Colossal Squid

This one dates back to 1180 ad when sailors were caught off guard when a giant tentacle grabbed hold of their boat. This story would carry through the world and the beast was given the name of The Kraken. Settlers in Washington claimed for years to have seen the giant squid-like beast. People even claiming to catch other members of its family under the West Seattle bridge. Hence why our name for the NHL is The Kraken.

4. Extra-Terrestrial Aircrafts

Plenty of U.F.O's have been spotted around Washington State, the most notorious spotting was by a 32-year-old fire extinguisher salesman in 1947 was flying his single cell engine near Mt.Rainer. While flying through he spotted 9 flying saucers and prayed it was a U.S government operation, out of fear of it may have been Russians the pilot made his escape. This would prompt a search for U.F.O's by people all over Washington.

3. Willatuck Sea serpent

This one is a little more terrifying, this sea serpent was once the focus of a movie, people believed created by the director. Later people learned the director traveled around Washington looking through 300 years of history on the beast. People claimed to have seen it in both the Puget Sound and Lake Union knowing of a deep underwater tunnel.

2. The PNW Tree Octopus

This one isn't a joke, trust me I spent way too long looking into it. Locals around Washington claim to have seen or be attacked by an octopus that resides in the trees. The elusive creature has been spotted along the peninsula rainforests keeping out of sight unless provoked.

1. Batsquatch

not only is the PNW home to the elusive Sasquatch but it's also home to what's known as a Batsquatch. The terrifying creature looks like a mashup of an ape and a giant Bat...not quite Batman but a pretty cool urban legend in our state. Spotted after the eruption of Mt.St Helens the beast was spotted flying over the forests, some claim that the eruption opened a rift letting the beast escape, however, some claim it could be the notorious Mothnmnan.

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