"We Are Men" on CBS premiers tonight (from one of the producers of "How I Met Your Mother"). Four men just dumped by their wives move into an apartment together and begin giving each other advice on romance. It's funny and sometimes heartfelt. "We've been having a blast and hope other people like it," said Kal Penn.Penn was Kumar in the stoner comedy films "Harold & Kumar." He was also Dr. Lawrence Kutner on the hit TV show "House M.D." He's been in many more films and televisions shows since then, but he's perhaps best known for quitting Hollywood to work in the White House for President Obama.

"House" was awesome, Penn said. It was his first TV series. He said he knows nothing about medicine, so he enjoyed reading the scripts and the medical glossaries that came along with them. Hugh Laurie (the star of "House") started in sketch comedy and was really fun. Olivia Wilde got her kickstart on House. Lessons learned on the set of "House" are definitely impacting his performance in "We Are Men," he said.

How did Penn get invited to work in the White House? "I volunteered for the president's campaign in 2007. He was down in the polls, but I really liked him and kept going with his campaign as it grew.... He ended up winning."

Penn had been volunteering to work with young people on non-partisan issues college-age kids are interested in.

"When he asked me to serve, what do I say, 'No, I've got another stoner movie to work on'?"

Penn was caught off guard when we asked him why he quit the baritone saophone. Basically, he said, practicing the saxophone was not cool in college.

But it's still at my parent's house in New Jersey. I keep it. I feel like I'm a hoarder telling you this story."