smashed truck

It was a close call for Kennewick Police yesterday near W. Clearwater and Steptoe.

They received an alert an infant was locked in a vehicle in near 100-degree weather and were forced to break the window to safe the infant.

KPD posted on their Facebook page that the driver had accidentally locked their keys in the vehicle, hence trapping the infant in the vehicle.

A call to 911 sent KPD into action and with permission from the parent, the window was shattered and the infant retrieved from the sweltering sun.

No write-ups where issued as it was an unfortunate accident and luckily the baby was fine after a few ice packs helped cool it down.

Kennewick Police are reminding folks that if you are loading a child into a car, make sure you keep your keys in your pocket.

They see frequent unintentional lockouts where the keys were set on the seat and the door accidentally closes and is locked.

KPD is also reminding everyone that if you see a child unattended in a hot vehicle immediately contact 911 and stay with the vehicle until police or medics arrive.

It only takes a matter of minutes for the inside temperature of a car to reach deadly levels.

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