As a child growing up in Minnesota, I remember my father putting up Christmas lights on our house EVERY year. It was a SERIOUS PROJECT. The lights all had to be working and everything had to be perfect.  It was hard work, and after one or two days, maybe more, and a lot of cussing, the job finally got done. And, it was amazing!  Then, we would pack into the car and drive around to see what the other neighbors had created.

I don't carry on that tradition. Let someone else do it.

Well, one Kennewick neighborhood has been carrying on that tradition of bringing smiles to those who visit for the past several years.

Since the 1960's, the Concord Heights neighborhood has been transformed into a winter wonderland of Christmas carols, lights, and stories for all to enjoy during the holidays.

In 2020, approximately 80 homes make up Christmas Carol Lane. Each home features a Christmas song and story. Each family decorates accordingly.

Courtesy of Christmas Carol Lane
Courtesy of Christmas Carol Lane

Christmas Carol Lane is situated between West 23rd Place and West 26th Avenue, and from South Kent Street to South Garfield Street.

The lights and music are on once it's dark. You'll see and hear everything from the classics to more contemporary tunes and story-lines.

We're advised that the busiest time to visit the neighborhood is the Saturday before Christmas.

For more information on Christmas Carol Lane, click here.

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