Hey folks, in honor of "Back to the Future" Day we're resharing a celebrity interview from 2013. Enjoy: Even though she had to take off her heels to be lips to lips with him, Lea Thompson (of "Back to the Future" fame) said Tom Cruise was the best on-screen kisser she's ever had.

She starred with Tom in "All the Right Moves" before "Top Gun" made him an icon, so it's possible his on-screen kissing has tanked since then, she added. But considering she was engaged to Dennis Quaid and has shared a set with Patrick Swayze and Michael J. Fox, it's still an honor Tom Cruise should relish!
Ms. Thompson joined 98.3 The Key's Morning Show to talk about her role in Lifetime's new movie "Call Me Crazy: A FIVE Film" airing April 20. We asked her about her life and career and shared some great laughs before we accidentally hung up on her. Hear the full interview here: