Cooking with an air fryer has definitely changed the way we're cooking these days.

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Using an air fryer is cooking healthy without all the use of oils and saturated fats. It's a far-better alternative to deep frying. The benefits of cooking with an air fryer are too great to ignore. Reduce your fat intake due to a unique cooking method circulating hot air around the food giving it a crispy exterior and most interior, lower risk of chronic diseases, and it's time-efficient.

There's a nationwide recall of air fryers.


This recall involves two models of the PowerXL dual-basket air fryer. The egg-shaped air fryers have two baskets that can be used separately or optionally combined into one large single basket.  The recalled air fryers were sold in black or cinnamon colors. The 10-quart DUAF-10 model is about 17 inches long by 16 inches wide by 12 1/2 inches tall, and weighs about 14 1/2 pounds. The 9-quart DUAF-005 model is about 14 inches long by 13 inches wide by 15 inches tall, and weighs about 14 pounds. The product has a silver label on the front that says “PowerXL”. There is a white label on the bottom of each unit or on the unit’s power cord that lists the model number.

Where were the PowerXL air fryers sold?

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They were sold at Walmart, Target, Kohl's and other stores nationwide and online from August 2021 through October 2023. They were available between $60 and $190 depending on the model.

What you need to do if you have one of these air fryers:

Stop using the appliance immediately. Contact Empower Brands at 866-704-9730 to receive a full-refund. You can reach out online at or Click on safety recall notice.

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