A new pho truck is popping up around Pasco and I think it has the best name ever for a food truck - it's called Whatcha Waitin Pho!

Whatcha Waitin Pho is new to Pasco and you'll be seeing them cruising around town.

If you love Lao dishes like papaya salad and crab puffs, this food truck is for you!

Whatcha Waitin Pho has 10 dollar pho bowls that you'll sure to love. Menu items that are featured include:

  • Pho (beef)
  • Spicy papaya salad
  • Laotian beef jerky
  • Spring rolls
  • Short ribs
  • Laotian pork sausages
  • Khao man gai
  • Chicken larb
  • Laotian style brisket
  • Crab puffs

Whatcha Waitin Pho is featured Friday and Saturday at West Coast Auto Dealers in the Autoplex in Pasco if you don't catch them at other locations around the Columbia Basin.

Thinking about lunch? why not check out Whatcha Waitin Pho and let us know what you think and just a word of advice, they are selling out quick so get there early - if you want to know more details on Whatcha Waitin Pho, check out their Facebook page here.

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