A man has died after being Tasered following a wild car chase, four-hour armed standoff, and then a physical confrontation with authorities.

The incident began Monday evening, when a Washington State Trooper tried to execute a traffic stop outside of Yakima around 6:40pm. However, the driver refused to pull over, and the trooper discovered by the license plates the car was stolen.

The suspect, whose name was not released, led the Trooper and other law enforcement officers all the way to Prosser, where he finally stopped near Rothrock and Snipes Road.  Officials saw the man clearly holding a gun in his hand. The next four hours went by before he finally agreed to surrender. He'd been threatening to kill himself.

However, as officers approached, the man became combative and tried to fight them. He was Tasered, and fell to the ground and stopped breathing. Despite being rushed to a nearby ambulance and revival efforts, he was pronounced dead. The 36-year-old man was found to have meth and other drugs in the stolen car. It is not known if the drugs contributed to his demise. The investigation continues.

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