Tax Day Freebies
Doing taxes is painful that's why some retailers are trying to make it less painful by giving to free stuff. Check out the complete list are participating locations.
How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Tax Services? [POLL]
I usually end up paying my accountant around $200 but last year my coworker paid $380! That sounds a little high. What is average for Tri-Cities? When shopping around for an accountant in January it seemed $200 was average. Do you agree? Take our poll:
Five Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
Hopefully by now your taxes are filed. I recently sent mine off and I  must admidt I cried a silent tear as I wrote my check to good old "Uncle Sam". If you're one of those receiving a tax refund, consider yourself lucky. It may be tempting to blow your refund at the…

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