Originally from the Twin-Cities, I'm no stranger to all seasons. I hate 3 of them. And, totally dig SUMMER.

When we hit triple-digits, I'm in heaven. Unless I'm sweating. I only enjoy sweating while working out at the gym or riding my bike.

We're expected to hit 100 degrees this Monday. While living in the desert, we are very fortunate to have a number of water spots to keep cool in or on.

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When I first moved to the Tri-Cities I was fortunate to have a friend who has both a pool and a boat. Not a fan of swimming in a lake, river, or ocean, I do enjoy a POOL! Heck, as a child, we would run through the sprinkers in the front or back lawn. I guess that's kind of like today's splashpads at our area parks. My dad once bought a water wiggle. We had so much fun with that thing! Check out the commercial below.

Growing up in Minnesota, it was always a big deal in the summer to travel over to Wisconsin and float the Apple River on inner tubes.

Flash forward to today, and we float on the Yakima River, which I will NEVER do again. Did it once, and it scared me to death. That under current is no joke, and I DO know how to swim.

In the next few days, the temps are going up.

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