Do you enjoy the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? I've got a Columbia Basin version for you, hot off the presses.

The Pasco Police made an arrest that was anything but Heavenly for Damien and Heaven, two residents of Richland who have been booked into the Franklin County Jail on burglary charges, possession of a stolen vehicle, and possibly more based off of the situation.

We set the scene with Pasco Police responding to a phone call reporting a relative had arrived at a deceased family member's place to find two individuals inside. They weren't eating porridge but they had found the perfect place to slumber, or so they thought!

Damien woke up first and alerted Heaven, they both pushed past the residents and jumped into a silver minivan. A minivan used to transport soccer gear, not speed race.

Luckily the residents were able to jump out of the way as the trespassers reversed and hauled as much dust as the minivan could manage until they wrecked but that didn't stop them, they were now on foot with Heaven carrying a pink storage chest, what could be inside?

The caller was on-point, staying a good distance away as they reported to the police where the duo was headed, once they met up with the police, the officers secured an i.d. and that's when this sleepy misdemeanor got interesting!

That minivan they crashed was stolen and contained items from that residence and also inside the house the couple had taken a semi-automatic rifle that was normally stored in one room, they filled it with ammo that was stored in another room and moved it into the bedroom they'd chosen to take a siesta in.

In Washington State, one way to upgrade yourself to a felony is to be armed with a deadly weapon or have armed yourself with a deadly weapon while you are inside.

Just an FYI next time you wanna play a little game of breaking and entering. Please be advised this post is in no way endorsing the above actions.

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