The reasons soda pop is harmful to our bodies are almost endless (as is the ongoing research proving it). One of the simplest reasons is the amount of sugar that goes into these drinks that contribute to excess fat and damage your teeth.

Soda pop can be at least partly blamed for several diseases and major health risks. In the documentary Fed Up (about the high content of sugary foods and how it’s affecting our nation) Doctor Hyman suggests a soda tax could eliminate one source with extreme sugar content.

Sugary drinks are a major factor in the obesity epidemic because they are the largest contributor to empty calories in the American diet.

Soda is not hydrating so it makes you want to drink more and more to feel like you are getting hydrated, furthering your consumption of this unhealthy drink. Drinking your calories is also a big no-no because your body doesn’t understand that you are full as quickly than if you were eating your calories.

Diabetes and heart disease have been linked to drinking too many sugary drinks. In one study, people who drink soda pop and had a healthy diet were only slightly better off than those who drink soda pop with an unhealthy diet.

Just because diet soda has the word diet in it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Those who drink diet soda daily are at a 48% increased risk of developing heart disease or stroke compared to those who don’t drink diet soda that often or at all.

It sure tastes good, but that may be the only benefit of soda pop.

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