Veggies can be so bitter and taste disgusting, but we need them, so try these tips to get your daily servings in.

Eat meals with veggies already in them so you don’t have to find a veggie to go with every meal you eat.

  • Make veggie pasta to cut your carbs in half and get those needed servings of vegetables. Spaghetti squash is a great way to get yummy veggie pasta you’ll want to eat. Carrots or other squashes can also be used.
  • Make a smoothie with vegetables like leafy green spinach. Green smoothies don’t usually have the bitter vegetable taste, especially when you pair them with a little fruit.
  • Curb your sweet tooth with sweet veggies instead of candy. Sweet potatoes, carrots and beets are all on the sweet side of the vegetable tray.
  • Try mashed potatoes with cauliflower. Use cauliflower exclusively or use it along with potatoes to make a delicious mash. This tastes very similar to regular mashed potatoes with more vegetables and not as many carbs.
  • Cook vegetables to your liking. Whether you like saucy, spicy or plain, try a new way to eat a vegetable that might not have appealed to you before.
  • Add veggies you like a little bit to meals you love. Find ways to squeeze a veggie into lasagna, quesadillas, mac and cheese, or omelets.
  • Add some cheese to your veggies. Although we are usually trying to eliminate cheese as much as possible, this is one way to get your vegetables if you’re really having trouble.
  • Try doubling the veggies in a meal. It won’t ruin the recipe but it will give you a great boost to your vegetable intake for the day.
  • Buy fresh vegetables that are in season. These veggies are usually cheaper and they are at their peak in flavor.


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