Steve Frost, Think Stock
Steve Frost, Think Stock

Have you tried and failed? Have you wanted to try but haven’t quite got to it yet? There is still hope. Whether you choose to quit cold turkey, try therapy, take medication or a combination of these, simple tips can help keep you on track.

Know yourself and choose. You know your weaknesses the best. Choose a plan that will help you overcome them.  Choose a plan that is strong enough to make you not want to light up again.

Find a support system. Whether you choose to go to a formal support group or not you should always have people around you that are supporting you in your decision to quit smoking. Even if you aren’t someone who would normally ask for help, do it anyway. This is not a sign of weakness, it is a way for your true friends to be there for you.

Avoid triggers. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Know the situations that cause the cravings and avoid them or have a plan to stay strong when the triggers come. This is especially important at the very beginning and up to 3 months since this is when you are most likely to have a relapse.

If you absolutely have to give in, delay it. According to Mayo Clinic, although tobacco cravings are intense they are usually short lived and will go away quickly whether you use or not. Choosing not to use when these short bouts of intense cravings come will definitely help you to get closer to quitting.

Manage your stress. Nicotine acts like a relaxant, so you’ll need to find another way to manage stress and try to avoid stressful situations in the beginning. Try relaxing through other ways like your favorite hobby, exercising or getting a massage.

Many people try quitting many times before they reach success. Don’t let that scare you away from becoming healthier for not only yourself but everyone around you. Let that knowledge help you in our persistence to try harder.

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