Learn the Risks and Benefits of Energy Drinks
Energy drinks can make you feel great while pulling an all-nighter, but is it safe to drink this highly caffeinated beverage daily?
The FDA warns that taking stimulants like energy drinks to make up for lost sleep can still cause lead to impaired judgement and reaction time even though you feel alert…
Curb Your Sweet Tooth With a Peach.
Peaches offer a low calorie treat. They are so sweet that you don’t need any other sweetener and if you pick the right peach, one that has firm skin with just a bit of softness all around, you will indulge willfully instead of that sugary treat you might have picked...
Learn About 5 Tips to Quit Smoking
Have you tried and failed? Have you wanted to try but haven’t quite got to it yet? There is still hope. Whether you choose to quit cold turkey, try therapy, take medication or a combination of these, simple tips can help keep you on track.
Eating Clay is Not Your Best Diet
Eating clay as part of a regular diet was widely brought to attention by Shailene Woodley, an actress who thought of it as a way to cleanse her body and lose weight. Although there may be some health benefits of this diet trend, it is not widely accepted.
A Faith Martin Favorite!
I have been making smoothies with my Magic Bullet that I bought from Costco for the past year. But, recently purchased this "Ninja" at Costco  and it seems way more powerful. It can quickly blend frozen bananas, fruit, ice cubes etc.
There are so many great smoothies to make...

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