Energy drinks can make you feel great while pulling an all-nighter, but is it safe to drink this highly caffeinated beverage daily?

The FDA warns that taking stimulants like energy drinks to make up for lost sleep can still cause lead to impaired judgement and reaction time even though you feel alert and awake.

Energy drinks also affect heart health. Research has shown consuming one to three energy drinks a day could cause problems with your heart rhythm and increase your blood pressure. Not only that but these changes could lead to an irregular heartbeat or sudden cardiac death.

Caffeine can cause jitteriness and anxiety and after short-term use of high doses caffeine headache and fatigue can occur. Caffeine intoxication can cause tremors, insomnia, tachycardia, and heart palpitations. At its worse caffeine can cause vomiting, hallucinations, stroke, seizures and even death. These are the extreme cases when caffeine is not taken within healthy levels.

On the other hand consuming a low-to-moderate amount of caffeine has been shown to improve reaction time, cognition, exercise endurance and mood in adults. So, consuming energy drinks once in a while will actually benefit in different ways than just keeping you alert for a few extra hours but keep it under control so that you receive the good side effects only.

To stay in the healthy, energy drinks shouldn’t be consumed every day. Consuming them too often is when you run into problems with the side effects possibly having more lasting effects on your body. If you are feeling tired often you should try ways to get more sleep, eat healthier and exercise often. If none of that works, make an appointment to go see your doctor.

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