Single and ready to mingle...lame, cliche phrase I know, but when you are ready to go out and find someone to have a good time with, take a shot at some of these spots:


Jack Diddleys
(Photo from Jack Diddley's Facebook)

The obvious choice if you choose to booze. There are a more than a couple choices in the Tri-Cities. No matter what you are looking to do...hang out with a few friends and maybe shoot some pool (Sportspage, Players, The Uptown, Jackson's Kennewick or Richland, The Dugout), shake yo booty (Jack Didley's, Joker's, Branding Iron, The Grizzly Bar) or enjoy some live music (Roxy, Rock Reactor, or The Redroom which isn't really a bar, but they have live music all the time). You can find plenty of single ladies and fellas out on the town on almost any night of the week at your favorite watering hole.


Columbia River
(Photo by Terry Richard/The Oregonian)
loading... far my favorite thing about the Tri-Cities. If you live here you need to either own a boat or know someone with a boat so you can fully enjoy what the Columbia and Snake River has to offer. Charboneau/Levey Landing, Strawberry Island, McDougal Bay are some of the known hot spots where on any given weekend you can find boats tied up and escaping the Tri-Cities heat. Even if you can't get off the dock, you can always head to Richland's Howard Amon Park and find lots of people enjoying the day with bike/walking trails and easy access to the Columbia. Not to mention, the Columbia Cup every July. Thousands of people make their way to the shores of the Columbia River to watch the Hydroplanes and over the river air show.


(Photo from Gold's Gym YouTube)

Honestly...I hardly ever go to the gym. But with places like Gold's Gym and the Tri-City Court Club, you can find facilities that offer more than just your typical weight lifting and treadmills. Baketball, swimming, and all sorts of workout classes are always filled with members looking to better themselves physically.

Sporting Event

Gesa Stadium
(Photo from

The Tri-Cities may not have a professional team in any sport, but there are some great alternatives with Tri-City Americans Hockey, Tri-Cities Fever Arena Football, and Tri-City Dust Devils Baseball. The Fever are the only team in action right now and usually play on the weekends. The Americans are always fun games to attend, especially in the last couple years as they have become a very well respected team and have been successful in their last few seasons. The Dust Devils will be starting the 2011 season soon and is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Since they play nearly every day during their season, you have lots of chances to catch a game...and maybe catch 'a catch'.


Back to school
(Photo by Joe Raedle, Getty Images)

How many times have you said, "I'm going to go back to school...sometime." Instead of taking a full schedule of classes, why not try out a night class at Columbia Basin College or Charter College in Pasco. They each offer a ton of different programs and classes and are filled with students of all ages. Work at night? No can work around your schedule and find a class during the day that will stimulate your brain. Before/after class find a study partner and hang out in the library.

These are just a few ideas...where do you go to meet someone?