If you're new to the Pacific Northwest, a must see that everyone who lives here does, is the Columbia River Gorge. Specifically the water falls. If you didn't realize, there's  more than just Multnomah Falls in the Gorge...

gorge multnoma

There are several falls in the area and I've hiked several of then but somehow I missed this Gem!The Oneonta Gorge Hike....which is described like this:

The Oneonta Gorge Hike will take you on an epic, unforgettable adventure. You’ll walk along a creek, scramble over fallen logs, and wade through a crystal clear stream before reaching the gorgeous waterfall at the end. All along the way, the mossy green scenery is absolutely jaw-dropping.

So take that day trip this summer and do this hike!! I'm for sure doing it, this summer!

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